Ghostly Images Tours

ROSA’S DEMISE (NEW in 2014) — Saturday, October 4 at 8 & 10 PM.  This tour will also be offered on Saturday, November 15th at 7 & 9 PM.

In 1869 Rosa Charmichael came to Gettysburg to become the Matron of the very successful “Children’s Homestead Orphanage”.  By the mid 1870’s things had taken a very dark turn.  Rumors of the cruel abuse of the children had spread through the town.  Eventually enough evidence had been collected; Rosa was put on trial and found GUILTY!  But she didn’t go easy.  Some believe she didn’t go at all and continues to haunt the Orphanage.

Join us as a phantom witness presents the evidence against her in the very building where the story took place.  Listen to Rosa as she continues to argue her case.  Be there when Rosas ghost faces her final judgment.  You the jury will decide her fate.  Will she go to the light or be sent into eternal darkness.  Cost:  $18 per person

GEORGIA, YOUR SISTER IS DEAD! (Since 2013) — Saturday, October 11 at 7 & 9 PM. This tour will also be offered on Saturday, November 22nd at 7 & 9 PM.

Return with us to 8:30 AM, July 3rd, 1863.  Jennie Wade has just been killed.  Her mother, who witnessed the death hasn’t had time to comprehend the tragedy.  As a ghost she continues to piece together the events of that day.  Now you, as a visitor to the home, have been drawn into the story.  She must not only save the rest of her family but is concerned for your safety as well.

The spirit of a union soldier arrives on the scene with a plan to save all of you.  But can the escape route be opened before more horror falls on the building?

If he succeeds in getting you through to safety in the cellar your experience is not yet complete.  The space below the house is haunted by the ghost of James Wade, Jennies’ father.  Having lost his mind in life he continues in death to attack the integrity of anyone who crosses his path.  As he sums up the aftermath of his daughter’s death you best be prepared for anything!

Will he be the last of your encounters?  For the answer come and experience this unique journey through the original structure where Jennie Wade died.  Cost:  $18 per person.

GHOST BUS TOUR (Since 2003—updated in 2014) — Saturday Nights in October @ 7 PM and November 1st @ 7 PM.

To add to this adventure and give our guests what they want in a tour we are adding an unexpected twist and scare to the traditional “BUS TOUR”.  On this 1 hour 45 minute journey you will still depart the bus at the Sachs Bridge and starting this year at The Gettysburg College for tales of the unexplained.  But be aware, there are strange encounters awaiting you as you journey the countryside.  Who knows what awaits you in the darkness of the night!  Will you survive?  Will you make it to the end?  Will you DARE TAKE THIS RIDE with the Ghostly Images?

If you choose to join us make reservations early as this popular tour sells out in advance! (717) 334-6296.  Cost:  Adults $23; Children (ages 6-12) $18.

Visit: for October’s schedule.  If planning on visiting October 31st weekend, check room availability as there is another event in town and Hotels will sell out.

Reservations for any of Ghostly Images Tours can be made by calling (717) 334-6296.