2015 Ghostly Images Tours

Attention Investigators!!!

Have you investigated the Jennie Wade House or The Orphanage? Both of these homes have been listed in the top 100 most haunted locations in the world!

Book now for November or December 2015 and take advantage of the 2015 rate. Book now for 2016 and receive a discount on the new 2016 rate.

  • – Investigate for two or four hours.
  • – Experienced guides will be there to offer history and information on the hauntings in the buildings.
  • – Walk into the same rooms visited by paranormal celebrities, such as Ghost Lab, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Detectives, Ghost Adventures, Haunted Collector and SCARED. Than perhaps you will capture similar evidence to what you have seen on television.


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The tragedy of war and human suffering are just two of the things that have made Gettysburg one of the most haunted places in America. Investigate in the Jennie Wade House, the home where the only civilian was killed during the battle of Gettysburg or the Orphanage, where the head mistress, Mrs. Rosa Carmichael became infamous for her cruelty and abuse of the children in her care.