Ghostly Images of Gettysburg 2013

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Ghostly Images is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2013!

Ghostly Images of Gettysburg was founded in 2003 with one goal in mind, to provide quality supernatural adventures. We feel that the tours and spooktacular events that we offer have helped us attain that goal.

Ghostly Images has been featured on: Ghost Adventures (Travel Channel) 2010, Ghost Lab (Discovery Channel) 2010, Most Haunted (Travel Channel) 2008, Fox 43 Harrisburg- 2009, 2010 & 2011, CBS Radio 2008 & 2009, Internet Radio (from England) 2006.

Ghostly Images has been featured in: USA Today Newspaper- “10 Creepiest Places 2010” Gettysburg Times, Harrisburg Patriot- 2005 & 2011 Gettysburg Experience, York Daily Record- 2011 Gettysburg Companion.

Introduction of 2013 Tour Offerings

A Ghostly Encounter

This tour has a unique twist – YOUR GUIDE IS A GHOST! In this presentation, your ghost guide will be telling their haunted tales just as they experienced them so many years ago. Travel into their Haunted Home where you may experience the same frightening encounters. This tour may be our scariest tour ever and may not be suited for young children or the faint at heart. This year the cast of Ghost Guides has been expanded for the enjoyment of repeat visitors.

E-mail: for schedule of characters.

This tour joined our lineup in 2010 and became one of the popular events on our schedule. Don’t wait until the last minute to purchase tickets or you may be left out in the dark.

Haunted Orphanage Tour

Zak Bagins of Ghost Adventures listed this building on his top 10 freakiest places in the USA.

In 2011 this tour was expanded to include time on the first floor in the area that was the dining room. You still journey down the original wooden stairs to the dingy, dark dungeon where a cruel headmistress chained the children to the stone walls. On this tour you will hear stories of the other cruel treatments she inflicted on her charges, treatments that lead to the spirits lingering throughout the building today.

During your adventure, your guide will take you on a short walk around the neighborhood. You will be treated to haunted tales of the Dobbin House on Steinwehr Avenue, the National Cemetery and The Hall of Presidents. The haunts behind the Orphanage are of special interest and will make you wonder if you wish to pass through the doors into the realm of the supernatural. Enter if you dare!

The Jennie Wade Tour

Included in this tour is a journey around the South side of town that traverses the area of East Cemetery Hill. You will stop for curious tales of ghostly soldiers, heartbroken women, Poltergeists and other assorted ghostly encounters.

You will enter through the same door where a bullet passed on July 3, 1863 and killed Jennie Wade, making her the only civilian to die during the battle of Gettysburg. The ghostly tales of this house have been recorded in numerous books and holds the proud distinction of being on the Travel Channels list of haunted houses. In October 2008, it was featured on television’s Most Haunted and was singled out by the lead investigator as the MOST HAUNTED IN GETTYSBURG. You may also remember the Jennie Wade House from segments on Ghost Adventures and Ghost Lab 2010.

The stories alone are chilling enough but now through modern technology provided by Ghost Researchers, we have evidence that cold spots roam the stairs and rooms, chains swing freely for no reason, rocking chairs move when vacant. The voice of a small boy calls out “Play With Me” and a man calls from the cellar, “We’re down here”.

So if you are dying to enter any of these haunted sites, we can accommodate you. Please bring your camera, the ghosts are photo friendly.

For dates and times of these walking tours contact or for groups of 15 or more, contact Group Reservations at (717) 334-6020 or

The list of Ghostly Images scares and dares doesn’t end here! We have special fright seeing events that take place throughout the year so read on.

Midnight In A Haunted House

For those looking for the ULTIMATE GHOSTLY ADVENTURE, we have a dare for you, Midnight in a Haunted House. This challenge takes you into the Jennie Wade House where you will travel room by room with a Ghost Storyteller who will retell you the HAUNTING TALES of this mysterious house. Eventually, you will find yourself in the cellar where Jennie Wades body lay for 36 hours on July 3-4, 1863. Your time in the cellar will include a presentation by a Surprise Guest who will discuss the haunting of the house and bring along their unique expertise and stories that will convince you that you are in a TRULY HAUNTED HOUSE.

Did we forget to tell you that the LIGHTS GO OUT AT MIDNIGHT! So Beware!

Midnight in the Jennie Wade House is held every Saturday night, March 23rd, 2013 through November 2, 2013. Tour Times: 10:45pm, 11:10pm or 11:35pm. All groups will be inside at Midnight.

FRIDAY NIGHTS are just as exciting as we hold our Midnight Orphanage Tour. You will enter the First Floor area where the dining room was located. Our Surprise Guest will be in the cellar of the Haunted Orphanage where the children were chained to the walls or locked in the dungeon in the dark overnight. While in the Orphanage, you will amazed at the stories you’ll hear and maybe even have an experience of your own.

Depending on which group you’re in, you will be in either the Orphanage cellar or on the First Floor at Midnight in the dark!

The tour begins at 10:45pm Friday nights March 29, 2013 through November 1, 2013.

**Either Midnight Tour may not be suitable for young children**

NOTE: On selected evenings, the Midnight Tour becomes a Ghostly Portrait, a dramatic presentation where your guide portrays a ghost.

Questions about these tours may be addressed to or call (717) 334-6296 or evenings (717) 334-1156. RESERVATIONS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Haunted Hall Tour

This tour provides our guest with a unique opportunity to visit The Hall of Presidents in the dark of night. If you ever thought WAX FIGURINES were scary in the daylight, wait until you see them in the glow of candlelight. You could visit during the day when the Hall is ALIVE with the stories of our Presidents, but in the Dead of night you will be treated to the haunted history as the Ghostly Caretaker personally leads you on a journey through the darkness. While some Presidents experienced ghosts in their lifetime, others have returned from the grave refusing to be controlled by death. The Caretaker will not only share these tales with you, but will include some unique encounters of a few First Ladies.

Pay close attention and stay alert, because you may find yourself wondering did Jefferson just cross his arms? Are Lincoln’s eyes following me? Wasn’t Nixon’s head turned in another direction a moment ago?

Just when you think the tour is over, you will find that the Caretaker is leading you to the cellar where the spirits of Civil War Soldiers are reported to roam. Enter their realm and maybe you will experience for yourself the thrill of an encounter into the other side.

The Haunted Hall Tour is one of our Ghostly Encounters and is offered on Sunday and Friday nights, June, July and August as well as Friday Nights in October. Visit for our calendar of events or call (717) 334-6296, evenings (717) 334-1156. Groups of 15 or more can be arranged by contacting Group Reservations at (717) 334-6020 or (800) 447-8788.

Truth of Scare Tour

On this walking tour you must decide – Are the stories TRUE or did we make them up to SCARE you to death? At the end of this 90-minute journey around the south side of Gettysburg, the Guide will tell you the truth-if you wish. This tour is offered on Tuesday and Friday nights June, July and August as well as Friday nights in October.

Ghost Bus Tour

Our Ghost Bus Tours will be held Memorial Weekend through Labor Day Weekend and Saturday nights in October plus November 1, 2013. This 1 hour 45 minute adventure is one you won’t want to miss. It travels the countryside as your Ghost Host entertains you with some chilling tales that you will long remember. When you depart the bus at two haunted sites, you will be walking on some of the most haunted soil in the area. You may even be crossing over the grave of some long forgotten corpse. So tread lightly. This popular journey sells out in advance so reserve early! (717) 334-6296.


In conclusion, we have a lot to offer those brave souls looking for a rare opportunity to slip through the Curtain of Time and perhaps catch a glimpse of the Other Side of Gettysburg. New Tours and Events are added from time to time, so check back often.

Dates, times, information and reservations for all events can be obtained by phone at (717)334-6296 evenings (717) 334-1156. Questions can be answered by e-mailing Group Reservations are welcome and can be made by email: or phone (800) 447-8788. Mailing address: Gettysburg Group Reservations, 789 Baltimore Street, Suite 200, Gettysburg, PA 17325.


Ghostly Images Legends And Showcase

You won’t want to miss our newest attraction. This one of a kind presentation takes you on a journey through some of the most memorable ghost stories around Gettysburg and the countryside, without leaving the climate controlled comfort of our facility.

Tales of sudden tragic death, fallen soldiers, orphans and missing corpses are enhanced and brought to life with sight and sound effects. You may be wondering if the spirits are following you home as you leave the building.

This show is held throughout the day at our Headquarters located in the Haunted Orphanage. The 2013 season begins on March 9th. Visit us at 777 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, Pa. 17325 directly across from Gettysburg Tour Center. Free parking is available on Gettysburg Tour Center parking lot.

The cost of this encounter won’t SCARE YOU TO DEATH-Adults $3.75; Children (ages 6-12) $1.75

For information call (717) 334-1156 or visit our website ( for hours of operation.


Don’t Forget: You can purchase tickets for our walking tours online at