Jean Swartz

Ghostly Images Guide: Jean Swartz

Years as guide:  7

Jean Swartz Hometown:  Westminster, MD

Favorite Haunted Location in Gettysburg?  Jennie Wade House

Why?  The spirits there seem to have a sense of humor with a Friendly Feeling.  I have experienced several hauntings there including my unexpected performance for the 911 Emergency Center, when the center was called 20 times during my performance, getting bits of my story until a policeman arrived at the door of the Jennie Wade House demanding to know if someone was in distress.  I was touched in the McLain kitchen, spirits played with furniture doors, opening them during stories.

Goal for guests taking your tour:  My hope is that our guests will have a good time while learning there is another realm and it is to be respected.  I hope they enjoy my stories while waiting to see what the spirits may have in store for them.

Any additional comments?  I previously worked for another ghost tour company in Gettysburg and Ghostly Images is by far the best and my favorite company to work for.  Guests have more ghostly experiences here than in previous companies I worked with.