Ghost Season

It’s time to put away the hunting rifle and dust off the PKE meter. That’s right, it’s Ghost Season! Whether you’ve got bonafide ecto-goggles or just an iPhone video camera, gear up and get ready. The 2012 season of Ghostly Images Tours kicks off on Saturday, March 10, and the spirits have been very restless. Was that the icy grip of winter or the icy grip of a Civil War phantom? Be careful: you can hunt them…but they can haunt you. Will you be the one to catch the ghosts in the act?

Ghostly Images is proud to announce the appearance of some thrilling, chilling new tours that might just be the spookiest yet. Imagine the utter eeriness of a wax museum…in the pitch black night. Your only companion—your lifeline—is our creepy caretaker, who knows far more about the dead and departed than any living person rightfully should. We don’t let him out often, but he’s the only one willing to brave the house of wax in the dark. Those who aren’t afraid will learn the Haunted Histories that have plagued our nation’s presidents. Listen closely and don’t interrupt…he’s been known to leave rude guests locked in the cellar.

Do you like to play Truth or Dare? Then you’ll love our twisted twist on it. Introducing Truth or Scare—the ghost game you won’t find anywhere else. Throughout the tour, your guide will spin stories of specters and spooks, phantasms and phenomenons, but here’s the catch: some of them aren’t true. Can you guess which? Test your paranormal wisdom and discover who among your friends is the most “in tune” with the spirit world. All will be revealed at the end of the tour.

Returning this year is the Ghost Bus, fright on four wheels, so book your tickets early. The Ghost Bus will make its appearances on Holiday weekends, Mid-June through Mid-August, and Saturday nights in October. In addition, our Midnight Tours will now feature a presentation by real Ghost Investigators—veterans of the paranormal who are eager to discuss the hauntings they’ve witnessed and show you the compelling evidence for their tales. It’s an aspiring ghost-hunter’s dream come true!

Don’t miss these frightening events—check out our website often for schedules and updates!