Ghost Hunt!

Some people celebrate Christmas in July—well how about Halloween in July? As any serious paranormal investigator knows, ghosts don’t just hibernate eleven months out of the year. Nor are they strictly nocturnal. No matter the season or hour, the spirits of the departed can be quite active! The International Ghost Hunters Society postulates that “Ghosts are everywhere!” Sometimes it’s a matter of luck, timing, or spiritual chemistry, other times you just have to know where to look. If you’re interested in something more credible than “Uncle Larry’s Haunted Halloween Porch of Horror,” read on!

The majority of supernatural sightings occur, fittingly, in spooky places. Cemeteries, old houses and inns, churches, battlefields, and asylums all sport their share of wispy wanderers, so you can boost your chances by starting at one of them. Locally, The Cashtown Inn is known for visitations and the Inn at Herr Ridge gives a one-of-a-kind tour of a haunted field hospital. Even Gettysburg College is rife with apparitions, from the tower gunman to the “blue boy” of Stevens Hall. When you visit, ask around! You’re sure to elicit some incredible stories!

Battlefields, logically, ought to feature the most spirits per square foot due to the high volume of deaths in battle. In the Battle of Antietam Creek alone, 3,654 soldiers died in a single day of fighting. Imagine what an otherworldly presence is represented there! If a chill runs down your spine, you might be standing over an unmarked grave with a story to tell. Paranormal happenings often seem to bleed over (no pun intended) to the places in close proximity to battlefields—the Jennie Wade House, for example. Or, for a truly chilling experience, stop at the Haunted Orphanage, where Rosa Carmichael shackled and abused war orphans. Not for the faint of heart!

Remember: Ghosts are everywhere! To get started, call 717-334-6296 to schedule a Ghostly Images of Gettysburg Tour (717-334-1156 evenings) or visit our Ghostly Images page.