Gettysburg Heritage Center – ‘Saturday Spotlight’ Series

gettysburg How would you like the opportunity to meet Thaddeus Stevens or General Grant? Or learn how the dead were embalmed on the battlefield during the Civil War?  These are just a few of the programs that will take place during the Gettysburg Heritage Center’s “Saturday Spotlight” series.

The series of programs will begin Memorial Day weekend, and run until Labor Day weekend. Every Saturday evening, with the exception of July 9, the Heritage Center will host a different presenter.  The topics will vary each week, but the focus will be on the Civil War or the Battle of Gettysburg.

Programs begin at 7:30 pm unless noted otherwise.  Presentations will run 45 minutes to 1 hour, with time for questions and answers at the conclusion of the program. Tickets are $10/adult, $6/child (6-12). They can be purchased at the Heritage Center, or by calling 717-334-6245.  To purchase tickets online, visit the Eventbrite ticketing agent by clicking here.

A few details are still being worked out for the series.  Be sure to visit our website for details, the latest information and updates!



  • 4 – The 26th North Carolina (Eric Lindblade)
  • 11 – An Evening with Thaddeus Stevens & Lydia Hamilton Smith (Thaddeus Stevens Society – 1st person presentation)
  • 18 – Life of a Soldier (Larry Korczyk, Licensed Battlefield Guide)
  • 25 – ‘There is no Fail Here.’ President Lincoln at Gettysburg (John Fitzpatrick, Licensed Battlefield Guide)


  • 2 – Suspense & Anguish (Christina Shrewsbury, Singer/Storyteller)
  • 9 – No Program
  • 16 – General Grant (Ken Serfass – 1st Person Presentation)
  • 23 – Civilians of Gettysburg (Linda Clark, Licensed Battlefield Guide)
  • 30 – Blacks in Gettysburg (Jean Green)


  • 6 – Embalming the Dead & Mourning Practices (Don & Ruthann Williams)
  • 13 – Slavery and the Underground Railroad in South Central Pennsylvania (Cooper Wingert)
  • 20 – Cornelia Hancock, Nurse at Gettysburg (Carolyn Ivanoff)
  • 27 – Adams County Historical Society (Ben Neely)


  • 3 – Photography Extravaganza (Garry Adelman, Licensed Battlefield Guide)