Gettysburg Battlefield Map – Interactive, Animated, and Paper Copies

Finding your way around the Gettysburg Battlefield can be a little challenging, especially if you’re by yourself without a tour guide. Whether you plan to guide yourself through the battlefield or join us for a bus tour with a licensed guide, we strongly recommend studying a Gettysburg Battlefield map ahead of time, and having one handy while you’re on the tour.

Interactive Map, For Before And During The Tour

Before you arrive on location, use the interactive map of Gettysburg Battlefield above to locate the important points that you want to visit during your tour.

Also, we recommend that you bookmark the interactive map above so that you can view it on your phone during the tour. To do that, click here and bookmark this page on your mobile phone.

Animated Map, For Before The Tour

Before you get to the Gettysburg Battlefield, watch the animated map/video below, courtesy of American Battlefield Trust. In the video, you’ll learn more about what happened at the battlefield and be able to see visually where the troops moved from and to during the battle.

The animated map portion of the video starts at 6 minutes and 17 seconds in the video above. You may want to have this video handy at the battlefield as well, so you see some more context around each of the stops you visit along the way.

Paper Map Copies, For During The Tour

Gettysburg Battlefield map with self guided tour Interactive and animated maps can be very handy and helpful, but nothing beats a printed map that you can hold in your hands! With a paper map in hand, you’ll know exactly where you are and where to go next, even if technology stops cooperating.

The best way to get ahold of a printed paper copy of a Gettysburg Battlefield map is to get our Self Guided Gettysburg Battlefield Package. In the package, you get a beautifully illustrated map of the battlefield of Gettsyburg, along with a paper guide to the National Military Park, and a dramatized audio tour that you can listen to as you walk or drive through the battlefield.

Alternatively, you can find free printed maps of the Gettysburg National Military Park (which includes the Gettysburg Battlefield) year-round at the public information desk at the Museum and Visitor Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Gettysburg Battlefield Located?

The Gettysburg Battlefield is located in Southern Pennsylvania, just several miles from the border of Maryland. The historic landmarks of the famous Battle of Gettysburg are located within or nearby the current town of Gettysburg, which is located with Adams County.

How Big Is The Gettysburg Battlefield?

From edge to edge, the entire Gettysburg Battlefield is just under 18 square miles, which is around a quarter (1/4) of the size of Washington DC, which is just under 70 square miles large.

How Long Does It Take To Tour Gettysburg Battlefield?

Our bus tours last about 2 hours long. If you drive through the battlefield by yourself on a self-guided tour, the total length of time will of course depend on how long you stay at each of the stops, but typically self-guided tours take about 3-5 hours, sometimes 8 or more if you stay extended periods of time at each stop.