Get Ghostly this Summer!

Summer is here! Now is the time we can all emerge from our winter-blues coma and join in lots of fun activities. If you’re a ghost-lover, we have some recommendations…

First, check out our ghostly images and legends tours. Choose to experience our ghost-guided tour where you will hear a dramatic recreation of ghost stories from the ghost’s perspective. On selected evenings Rosa Carmichael, the cruel headmistress who abused the children at the orphanage, returns to tell her side of the story. Or, you may wish to join Mary Wade, Jennie Wade’s mother, as she takes on John Burns, the man who tried to ruin Jennie’s good name. Will you survive the ghost of Jennie’s insane father, INSIDE the house where Jennie died?

Don’t delay, get your tickets today. Our guests are dying to join this tour and you won’t want to be left out in the dark. Dates and times are available on our website. Call (717) 334-6296 for reservations. Payment required at time of reservation.

Need more options? Well check out our Ghostly Images Showcase – new this season! It is a one-of-a-kind paranormal experience that doesn’t require any walking, is climate controlled, suitable for all ages, and has a bunch of sight and sound effects. It is a great way to start your supernatural experience! The show is open from 10am until 10pm daily. For more information call (717) 334-1156 and check out our  Ghostly Images Legends & Showcase blog post.