Footprints in the Snow

1st part of a new story located in Ghostly Images Volume III “Raising Your Spirits” by Joe Svehla.

Footprints in the Snow

Around the town of Gettysburg and for miles surrounding it, the dead soldiers were buried in shallow graves. Plain wooden markers were the only reminders that someone’s father, son or husband lay in the warm dirt of summer eventually turning into a cold, damp, frozen tomb in winter.

The re-interments went on through the summer and fall of 1863 and into the winter, spring and yet another summer of 1864. In fact, some still lay there today, waiting….wondering…if they will ever be found and given a proper burial. Sadly, there is no doubt that many a brave soldier is doomed to spend eternity in their shallow grave here in Gettysburg, PA.

A curious story has been told about these forgotten soldiers. Perhaps you have noticed it yourself. If you visit the town and surrounding fields during a snow event, a very odd occurrence takes place.

Raising-the-Spirits It was first noticed and talked about over 100 years ago. It seems that no snow will lie on the graves of these forgotten souls. When this phenomenon was first noticed, there were thousands of bare spots dotting the landscape from Hunterstown to Emmitsburg, Fairfield to Bonneauville. Over the years, as soldiers graves were discovered and moved to cemeteries, the numbers declined. With modern development of structures, parking lots, paved roads, etc., the unmarked graves are becoming scarce. But yet, some still remain waiting to be discovered. A good time to search for these lost souls is during a snow fall, when the snow melts on contact with the graves who lie below.

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