Raising the Spirits

Footprints in the Snow (Cont’d) , Vol. III “Raising Your Spirits”

Raising the Spirits Could it be that the warmth of patriotism still burns through the remains of the fallen?  Is their desire to be with comrades what keeps the ground warm?  Maybe it is the fire that still burns for a loved one, a desire that not only melts the heart but also the snow!  Then again, it could be an anger even hatred towards those who buried them in such haste that they now rot away, forgotten by every living person.  An anger so strong, so hot, that it heats the ground more than one hundred and forty-five years later.

No matter what the cause for this amazing occurrence it continues today here in Gettysburg, PA.

Another noteworthy winter ghostly event can happen as a snowfall blankets the battlefield. Footsteps!  Not just any footsteps but those that seem to mysteriously appear and go nowhere.  Throughout the area, these have been known to be found.  Some say they appear to come from nowhere, as if the person rose from the ground to begin a journey across the fields.  Those who have followed these ghostly tracks are amazed to find that they end just as they began – nowhere!  Some believe that this certainly proves that the dead really do rise to walk again among the living.


Who will dare to go

On a cold Winter’s day

To walk through the snow

Where the dead soldiers lay


Follow slowly their tracks

In the cold of the dead

But don’t turn your back

For many have said


That the soldiers still roam

Among the bloodstained ground

As they dream of their home

Snow melts till they’re found