Jennie Wade/Haunted Orphanage Combo Tour(w) on 12/2/22 @ 9:00 PM on 12/02/2022

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Looking for a “chilling” winter evening? Join Ghostly Images of Gettysburg for our special Winter Combo Tour!

Your journey will take you INSIDE the Haunted Orphanage and The Jennie Wade HouseThis is a 90-minute adventure that will allow you to explore two of the most Haunted Houses in the world.

So whether your curiosity draws you to The Jennie Wade House where the spirits linger after the tragic death of the only civilian killed during the battle, or you are fascinated by the tales of the Orphan Children who were brought to Gettysburg for a new life, but found only sadness and misery at the hands of Rosa, the evil headmistress, Ghostly Images Tours is the ONLY one who can take you into these unique paranormal sites.


      In cases of inclement winter weather we will cancel the tour. You may reschedule or request a refund. Please check our website or Facebook page for any updates!