Georgia Your Sister Is Dead on 10/2/20 @ 7:00 PM on 10/02/2020

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Return with us to 8:30 AM, July 3rd, 1863. Jennie Wade has just been killed. Her mother, who witnessed the death hasn’t had time to comprehend the tragedy. As a ghost she continues to piece together the events of that day. Now you, as a visitor to the home, have been drawn into the story. She must not only save the rest of her family but is concerned for your safety as well. The spirit of a union soldier arrives on the scene with a plan to save all of you. But can the escape route be opened before more horror falls on the building? If he succeeds in getting you through to safety in the cellar your experience is not yet complete. The space below the house is haunted by the ghost of James Wade, Jennies’ father. Having lost his mind in life he continues in death to attack the integrity of anyone who crosses his path. As he sums up the aftermath of his daughter’s death you best be prepared for anything! Will he be the last of your encounters? For the answer come and experience this unique journey through the original structure where Jennie Wade died.  (If tour states sold out, please call as another tour may be added).