Darin M. Conner, Spiritual Consultant

When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, your first reaction is probably to call Ghostbusters. Or, if they don’t pick up, maybe MythBusters. Well, here’s an alternative: call Reverend Darin M. Conner, spiritual consultant. Not only does he have a flair for communicating with the deceased, he provides a variety of holistic services ranging from your basic tarot readings and parties to hypnotherapy, past-life regression, and Neuro Linguistic Programming. So before you try to exterminate your neighborhood spirits, why not let Darin negotiate on your behalf? And did I mention he’s a York, PA native?

Darin was just 10-years old when he discovered his unique affinity for communicating with the dead in a very personal way. His own grandfather appeared to him one day, initiating a conversation Darin would never forget. You see, his grandfather had passed away a mere 10 minutes before! Now, Darin often receives messages from beyond the grave, which he delivers to the family and loved ones left behind. In his spiritual counseling sessions, he channels information through a spiritual being named Ariyana, who helps him to advise people on ways to better themselves. Together, they can tap into resources beyond the reach of the average individual.

One method Darin employs in his sessions is hypnotherapy. He holds a certification from the American Board of Hypnotherapy, so you know you’re in good hands. The technique allows him to peek beneath the mask of your conscious mind and speak directly to the underlying subconscious, which is responsible for your memories, your modes of thinking, and so much more. With the aid of suggestion, he can help you modify your current behaviors and overcome any deeply-rooted negative influences you might possess. Another approach to this is Past Life Regression, through which Darin assists you in remembering your experiences prior to this life. It can help you to purge any baggage that was carried over, but also adds to your self-understanding, sometimes revealing skills and abilities you haven’t yet discovered.

Darin is more than just a medium: he is a teacher who believes in passing on the talents and knowledge that he has learned. His collection of certifications includes one for Tarot Training, which can mark the difference between an amateur’s card reading and a professional’s. His instruction offers insight into the subtleties of meaning and the proper interpretation of card sequences. Darin also teaches the Kybalion, a hundred-year old text that addresses Mental Transmutation and is comprised of seven principles of being, as well as the Law of Attraction, which was popularized in the book The Secret.

Believe it or not, we’ve only scraped the surface of Darin’s fascinating services! You can read more on Darin’s website, or send him an e-mail .