Christmas Gift Ideas For The Whole Family – Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Finding the perfect Christmas gifts for those you love can be stressful! That’s why we’ve put together this handy list of Christmas gift ideas for the whole family – for the kids, for parents, for grandparents, or for others in your immediate or extended family.

Keep reading for ideas and inspiration, and don’t forget to consider “experiential” gifts too, such as gift cards to events, classes, tours, massage, etc. Sometimes those are the most meaningful gifts of all!

Gift Ideas For Kids

Typically, some of the first things that come to mind when people think of Christmas gift ideas for kids are toys and games. While almost every kid enjoys toys and games, your gift ideas should not be limited to just that!

For example, a more creative kid could enjoy a polaroid camera (yes, they’re making a comeback!). Or a huge Harry Potter fan may enjoy a Harry Potter mug (limited quantities remain!). Also think of gift cards you could get them for experiences that they’d never forget, such as laser tag, game centers, theme parks, etc.

Here are several gift ideas for kids that we thought were noteworthy enough to highlight.

Christmas puzzle gift
Instax Poloroid Camera
instax camera - gift idea for kids at Christmas
Harry Potter Mug Set
Harry Potter Mug Set - gift
Stem Toys
STEM gift set - Christmas gift idea for kids
Jennie Wade Package
Jennie Wade Package - Doll & book


Gift Ideas For Parents

Whether you’re shopping for your own parents or for friends or relatives who also happen to be parents, consider gifts that the individual would personally like as well as gifts that they can enjoy with the whole family.

For example, almost any parent would love a gift card for a massage (hey, parenting is stressful!). But don’t forget the gift of experiences that the whole family can joy together, like a gift card to take a tour of the historic Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania so they can take the whole family on a fun and educational trip.

Indoor S’more Maker
indoor smore maker christmas gift idea
Gettysburg Tour Gift Card
Gettysburg tour gift card
puzzle of peaceful scenery
Massage (Give a Gift Card)

Gift Ideas For Grandparents

We found a couple of gift ideas that we think most grandparents would love! How about an Echo Show so they can more easily stay in touch with their children and grandchildren? Or a gift card to the Gettysburg Battlefield tour in Pennsylvania for those grandparents who enjoy a bit of history. Or for some personal history research, how about a membership to so they can look up their own genealogy?

There are plenty more ideas, but these should get you started. See below for our top recommendations for Christmas gifts for grandparents.

Echo Show (For Video Calls)
Amazon Echo Show
Vintage Turntable (For Playing Records)
vintage turntable for playing records
Gettysburg Battlefield Tour (Gift Card)
gift card to Gettysburg battlefield tour Membership membership

Gift Ideas For Other Family Members

Still trying to think of a gift idea for an aunt or uncle, cousin, or long lost relative? Especially if you’re not very close, sometimes its best to get a generic gift that almost anyone would appreciate. How about a popcorn set with a variety of seasonings (who doesn’t enjoy food)? Or a sleep health ring to keep track of sleep depth and general health?

Below are a few ideas for gifts that could be ideal for almost any loved one in your family.

Assorted Chocolates
assorted chocolates gift box
Sleep Health Tracking Ring
Oura ring sleep health tracker
Popcorn Gift Set
popcorn gift set with variety of seasonings
Wireless Earbuds
Apple airpods wireless earbuds

Hopefully these Christmas gift ideas have sparked some ideas in your mind about what you could get for the loved ones in your family. Still need more ideas? Be sure to check out our Gettysburg Battlefield online giftshop!