Georgia, Your Sister is Dead

Journey back with us to 8:30AM on July 3rd 1863. Young Jennie Wade has just been killed. Her mother, who witnessed the death hasn’t had time to comprehend the tragedy. As a ghost, she continues to piece together the events of that day. Now you, as a visitor to the home, have been drawn into the story.

As Jennie’s mother pieces the tragedy together among the chaos outside the spirit of a Union Soldier arrives on the scene with a plan to save you all, but can the escape route be opened before any more horror befalls the home and those within?

If he is successful in getting you to the safety of the cellar you will be greeted below by a curious and haunted man, the fallen girl’s father, James Wade. His spirit has remained here for over 150 years. Having lost his mind in life, his haunting demeanor in the afterlife attacks the integrity of anyone who crosses his path. As he sums up the aftermath of his daughters death you should be prepared for anything that this emotional journey could awaken.

Tours are offered summer holiday weekends and throughout the fall. Seating is limited and tours do sell out in advance. Tour is 90 minutes and does include stairs. This tour is not encouraged for children 12 and under.

Cost is $18 per person.  Begins at the Jennie Wade House, 548 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, PA  17325.

Check tour schedules and purchase tickets here.