Battlefield Bio: Rick Lemoine

If you’ve been on one of our bus tours, then you’ve probably already met Rick Lemoine. Hailing from Connecticut, he is our sales associate and bus driver extraordinaire! Rick has been a part of the Gettysburg Battlefield Bus Tours family for six years, so just think how many tours he’s accompanied in that time!

Rick will tell you there are three main reasons he loves his job: the guests, the guides, and his coworkers. As a bus driver, he is always interacting with visitors, welcoming new faces and being able to appreciate their first reactions to some of Gettysburg’s most breathtaking views. He’s also had the opportunity to experience the history of Gettysburg through so many different guides, each with their own perspectives, so it’s never the same twice.

For those planning a trip to Gettysburg, Rick says this:

  • Spend 4 or 5 days

  • Research Gettysburg before coming so you have an idea of what there is to see

  • Have a guide, an audio tour, or a CD for your car: all are great ways to see the battlefield

  • Stop in the Gettysburg Tour Center for recommendations on good places to eat, operating times the museums are open

  • If you have a group of 20 or more people the tour center has a great Group Reservations staff.

“Hope to see you soon!”