Battlefield Bio: Kendra Belgrad

Tales of ghosts have always fascinated me. When I was young I would see spirits, hear and feel things that couldn’t be explained by normal means. Growing up I loved visiting cemeteries. Some of the older ones have the history written on the head stones. By the time I moved to Gettysburg in 2008, experiencing ghosts had become a normal thing for me. While working at Ghostly Images, the Manager, Joe Svehla, suggested we form a paranormal investigation team. I ran with that idea and helped found Spirit Realm Investigation. The guides have had years of ghostly experiences– it just made sense to start investigating where we worked, as well as the town of Gettysburg. Since forming, we have done private investigations in Pennsylvania and Maryland. My family, who lives in Oregon, is very proud of my accomplishments and they are my biggest fans.

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I have been telling ghost stories in Gettysburg for four years. In 2010, I started working for Ghostly Images and I’ve never been happier. It’s a wonderful opportunity to work in two haunted locations nightly, meet ghost enthusiasts from all over the world, and make new friends. It puts a smile on my face every day. When I started working at the Jennie Wade House, I was amazed at all of the experiences the guests would have on the tours. They captured strange pictures in and outside of the house, felt unseen hands touch them, and heard unexplained voices. When I began leading the Orphanage tours, it only got better.

I live ghosts 24/7. Not only do I lead tours, investigate with my fellow guides, and talk to celebrities in the paranormal field, I also do a lot of writing. I have a paranormal column, “A Side Ways Glance for Unexplained Times.” My personal blog is called “Paranormal Observations.” Recently, my co-workers at my day job dubbed me “Ghost Girl.” Because of this new title, I have started a new venture: to become “Ghost Girl – your go-to girl for all things paranormal.” My whole life I have wanted to do something that I loved. Being a guide for Ghostly Images, working with the other fantastic guides, and investigating with them is literally a dream come true!

Written by Kendra “Ghost Girl” Belgrad

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