Battlefield Bio: Karen Milewski

The Ghostly Images Tours couldn’t happen without a few living guides to run things smoothly on our side of eternity. One of those speakers for the dead is Karen Milewski. Karen has been employed at Gettysburg’s Ghostly Images for the past five years. She tells us that it all began with a phone call and a hauntingly familiar voice that said, “I found the perfect job for you…” No, it wasn’t a spirit on the other end of the line, it was her mother! And she was right—Karen describes it as an “amazing experience” and we couldn’t be happier with her.

Karen shared some of her favorite things about working here, as well. For one, she loves meeting new people and the Ghost Tours bring curious visitors from all over the country. “It’s really fun…seeing their hopeful (and sometimes skeptical) faces,” she writes, because they’re all wondering if it will be their lucky night to see some paranormal activity. She ranks the Orphanage and Jennie Wade House tours equally high: “I’ve had crazy things happen in both!” There used to be trolley ghost tours that made stops at the college and seminary—Karen misses those eerie escapades.

Before you venture out into the dark, Karen offers you this ghost tour advice: “Take lots of pictures, don’t delete anything, keep an open mind, be respectful, pay attention to everything you feel, everything you hear, everything you smell, and remember— it’s not ‘ghosts on demand!’”

Sign up for a Ghostly Images Tour today, and let Karen be your “guide to the other side”! Or read about one of our other guides!