Battlefield Bio: Bob Michels

To lead a ghost tour, you must have a sense of adventure—a drive to explore the uncharted territories of things we don’t fully understand. Ghostly Images Guide Bob Michels must have gotten a double dose of that sense. He’s lived in such wild and remote places as the Colorado foothills, the San Mateo Mountains of California, the frozen tundra of Alaska, and (wildest of all) the Jersey shore. Since 2005, he’s been part of the Ghostly Images team and has given more than 1,000 tours.

Even in childhood, Bob was intrigued by the supernatural elements of The Twilight Zone and One Step Beyond. That fascination remained as he traveled the country, but most of his experiences then were with the natural, not the supernatural, and his encounters were with King Salmon and Kodiak Bears, not specters and apparitions. On his first trip to Gettysburg, however, he did have a ghost experience! It was in 1993, before the Ghostly Images Tours even existed, and he was staying in a house built in 1910. The first night he slept on a cot in the dining room and, in the middle of the night, observed a shadowy figure drifting into the kitchen. It hadn’t been anyone in the house, and it never returned. The second night, from the porch, he heard restless, heavy boot steps pacing the floor and climbing the stairs. Again, no one could explain it.

Since joining Ghostly Images, Bob has had more opportunities to study the ethereal and observe the paranormal investigators who come to the Jennie Wade House and the Orphanage. He has appeared on the History Channel in the Civil War Combat Series and in two war movies. He’s also narrated a DVD about the Jennie Wade House and written a Gothic horror novel called Feratu, which is available at the Gift Shop. One thing Bob loves about being a guide is hearing visitors tell him their stories of spirit encounters, so make sure you tell him your ghost tales before you go!

Treat yourself to a Ghostly Images Tour today, and ask Bob about his other adventures! Or read about one of our other guides!