Raising your spirits

A Thirst For Life…Vol. III “Raising Your Spirits” Conclusion

Raising your spirits When their visit with the re-enactors was finished, the father caught sight of the two soldiers again.  He pointed them out to his boys and suggested that they stop and say hello. But that’s as close as they got to those two young men.  As they walked toward the spring, one soldier, then the other seemed to vanish into the night.  If you’ve ever been to the spring, you know that it’s out in the open with nowhere to hide.  After searching the area, the father and sons were left to wonder what they had just experienced.  They returned to their car with more than history to tell when they got back to the motel.

Could these be the same two lost soldiers who’ve been seen in Spangler’s Meadow or Pardee Field?  Both of these areas are just a short walk from the spring and both hold their own stories of sightings of two Union Soldiers from the other side.