A Lock of Lincoln’s Hair

The Gettysburg National Military Park received a unique donation on June 30th by Thomas E. Metz – a lock of Abraham Lincoln’s hair!

The story begins all the way back on April 15th, 1865 when surgeons conducted the autopsy of former President Abraham Lincoln. It is said that Mary Todd Lincoln requested a lock of her husband’s hair and so, during autopsy, Robert K Stone, the President’s physician, clipped a lock from from the spot near the wound on his head.

Reportedly, a second small lock of hair was framed along with a faded, stained, handwritten note stating that Stone is gifting it to Enoch Pratt, Baltimore businessman and philanthropist. At some point after Pratt received the hair, he sent it on to someone else.

Fast forward to today…Gettysburg National Military Park Superintendent Bob Kirby says the lock and handwritten note are in their possession and will become a part of the collection in the new, state-of-the-art Gettysburg Museum later this year. Want to visit the museum? Check out the Gettysburg National Military Park’s website.