50 Years of Wax

American Civil War Wax Museum exterior with american and confederate flags

Five decades ago, on April 19, 1962, the American Civil War Wax Museum opened its doors for the very first time. It was the realization of the vision of one man, C M Uberman, a Polish immigrant who came here seeking refuge from the brutality of WWII. He dreamed of building a museum that evoked the Civil War in all of its glory and tragedy, a comprehensive and immersive experience for visitors from all over the country and the world. And he did it.

More than 8 million visitors have traveled to Gettysburg to explore the museum. Its epic scope—over 35 scenes and more than 300 life-size wax figures—makes it a unique experience that’s never the same twice. The audiovisual presentations that accompany the Battle Room create a sense of “being there” that is difficult to find elsewhere.

wax figure with american and confederate flag The American Civil War Wax Museum regularly updates its offerings, from adding the serene, contemplative “Veteran’s Park” adjacent to the building, to incorporating an Educational Center into the complex. Additional interactive programs are on their way, bringing to visitors new experiences like Civil War customs and etiquette, life through the eyes of a soldier, and newspaper printing. The Wax Museum is an exciting and essential part of the Gettysburg gestalt, so don’t miss out!

Come celebrate 50 years of Civil War wax! Learn more about the Museum here!