5 Ways to Support Your National Parks

gettysburg tour bus heading towards the gettysburg battlefield One of the best things about our great nation is our ability to come together during a crisis. The American people are a resilient group, and we’ve been blessed to have a number of people who’ve reached out, even during their own struggles, to see how they can help support our national parks.

The National Park Service wouldn’t be what it is today without the help of our amazing communities across the United States. Whether you donate time, money, or even your talent, you help others enjoy the beauty in Gettysburg and other national parks.

If you would like to help support national parks like Gettysburg, here are a few great ways to support their mission.

Volunteer: Time is the most valuable thing you can give anyone. There are so many ways you can help support our national parks through volunteering! Whether you are available just for a short time one day, or you serve in a long-term position, we are so thankful for all the wonderful volunteers who have shared their talents! Browse a full list of available opportunities at Volunteer.gov.

Share an Opinion: The National Park Service only thrives with the feedback from their guests. Public involvement and comment on their planned projects or proposals helps guide the direction these parks take with their initiatives. See what is in the works and open for comment on the Planning, Environment & Public Comment section of the National Park Service’s website.

Be a Friend: The National Park’s Friends Groups are cooperating associations and philanthropic partners who help complete a variety of projects, carry out a number of programs, and enhance visitor understanding, knowledge, and appreciation of our national parks. If you have a passion for our national parks, view the National Park Service Philanthropic Partners directory and find an opportunity near you.

Visit a National Park: All these efforts would be a bit wasted if it wasn’t for all the people who come and enjoy what nature has to offer! Many parks are free, but even those with entrance fees use these fees to help keep the parks running. Bring your friends, family, students, and other groups (when it is safe to do so) and enjoy the parks together. With the current pandemic, be sure to check the National Park Service website to determine its operating status before planning your visit, and be sure to follow all safety guidelines.

Donate: It takes a lot to maintain these beautiful national parks, and donations are one of the most effective ways you can help support them. Financial donations of all sizes are great, but you can also donate items and join or renew memberships to the National Park Foundation.

However you decided to help support our National Parks, we thank you.

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