The Soldiers & Sailors of the Confederacy Memorial

Soldiers and Sailors of the Confederacy MemorialGettysburg, the symbolic “High Water Mark” of the Confederacy, was chosen as the location for the monument that would honor the valor of all members of the Confederate armed forces known as The Soldiers & Sailors of the Confederacy Memorial.

All eleven Confederate States plus three border states (Missouri, Maryland & Kentucky) contributed to the monuments construction.

Sculpted by Donald DeLue & dedicated on August 25, 1965 the statue represents a southern color bearer leading the charge & urging those behind him forward.

A name can be found at the rear of the monument – Walter Washington Williams. On December 19, 1959 Mr. Williams, a former forage master of a Texas regiment, passed away at the age of 117. It was thought, at one time, that Mr. Williams might have been the last Confederate veteran to pass away. Officials of the National Park Service, however, currently doubt that this might be true & believe that John B. Salling of the 25th Virginia Infantry who passed away on March 16, 1959 at 112 rightfully deserves the honor.

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