Shaker Ridge Candles

Few things elicit memories as powerfully as your sense of smell–a familiar scent can transport you decades into the past. The sweet lilac of your grandmother’s perfume…the fresh cut lumber that your father worked with…the enticing aroma of your mother’s signature dish… each is a potent summoner of recollections. Our theory is that the best souvenirs of a vacation or adventure are scents—they can bring you right back!

If you’d like to test this theory yourself, we now offer the blissfully aromatic line of Shaker Ridge Candles, available in the main Tour Center. Hand-poured and lovingly crafted, each Shaker Ridge Candle contains an olfactory gem, a scent like you might have found in Gettysburg kitchens– Bayberry Cinnamon, Maple Butter, Spiced Apple, and many more.

These heavenly candles are among our newest best sellers, and they’re made in an 1850’s log cabin right here in Upper Adams County! The candles come in glass apothecary jars and nubby brown jars, but we also have them available in tin cups—replicas of the very cups the soldiers once drank out of. They are a unique and wonderful way to remember your visit to the Gettysburg Battlefield.


Take home a Shaker Ridge Candle today and smell what the fuss is about! Or check out something that tastes as sweet as they smell!

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  1. Sandra Muncy says:

    Can the Shaker Ridge Candles be purchased online?

    • Gettysburg Battlefield Tours says:

      You may call (717) 334-6296 and order by phone.

    • David Tullio says:

      You may purchase our candles on line or call us direct at 724-433-9334 or 724-887-4253

  2. Cathy Kirk says:

    how to purchase these online

    • bonnie says:

      These can be purchased by calling (717) 334-6296. Our shopping cart online is under construction.
      If you have any other questions, let me know by contacting me at

      • David Tullio says:

        You may contact us directly at Shaker Ridge Candle Company at 724-433-9334 or 724-887-4253 or order online. We will be happy to assist you with any of your special requests!!

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