Pennsylvania Lavender Festival

Friday June 17th – Sunday June 19th is the Lavender Festival! It is being held at the Willow Pond Farm located at 145 Tract Road in Fairfield PA. The event was founded in 2001 and is held annually. It is the only festival of its kind in the eastern USA, offering many activities, including tours of the lavender fields and demonstrations. In addition, there are gardens to stroll through, lectures and workshops held by nationally known experts, and a cut-your-own lavender option! More details can be found on their website or by calling 717-642-6347.

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  1. Joan Richards says:

    Is this really happening in 2016?

    • bonnie says:

      No it is not happening in 2016. That post was from a previous year. The festival was discontinued.

    • paula says:

      The owners of the Willow Pond, and who ran the festival Tom & Madeline retired last year and have moved to Maryland.
      I have not heard anything about the new owners if they are going to be continuing this amazing tradition.

  2. Kathie says:

    The dates given above are for 2016? Are you sure it has been discontinued?

    • bonnie says:

      I double checked and yes I’m sure the Lavender Festival was discontinued. The place that hosted the event has not updated since 2014 and the last I heard had sold the farm.

  3. Carol says:

    Can u still visit the lavender fields is the store still open

    • bonnie says:

      As the place was sold, I don’t think you can.

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