Ghostly Images Valentine’s Day Tour


Friday, February 14, 2014

Time: 7:00pm

Ghosts/Paranormal Event

A Haunted Valentine Night Tour through the Jennie Wade House featuring stories of kindness, friendship and love. The tour ends inside the Jennie Wade House and is limited to 20 guests. A second tour will be added if the first sells out.

Tickets for this tour are $9 per person (ages 8 and over) and can be purchased at Gettysburg Tours 9am-4pm or by calling (717) 334-6296, Option #2. Any remaining tickets will also be sold prior to the tour at Ghostly Images, 777 Baltimore Street (717) 334-1156 from 4pm-7pm. Space ls limited.

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  1. Karrie Wineriter says:

    Do you still have availability for the Jennie wade ghost tour?

    • bonnie says:

      This tour was cancelled due to weather.

  2. Teresa says:

    Hi! We are coming up this weekend and wondering if there were any ghost / paranormal investigations going on? We would like to join in. Thank you!

    • bonnie says:

      Investigations can be arranged by contacting Gettysburg Group Reservations (800) 447-8788. You would need your own equipment. Ghostly Images does not do investigations. Some of the tours that we offer include: The Jennie Wade House Walking Tour and the Orphan Tour. Our Special Events include: Ghostly Encounter (Jennie Wade), Ghostly Encounter (Orphanage); Midnight Adventure in the Jennie Wade House (Saturday Nights in season) and Midnight Adventure in Orphanage (Friday Nights in season); We have a dramatic presentation of “Georgia Your Sister Is Dead”. Further information on the tours can be found on

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