Ghost Hunting on the Gettysburg Battlefields.

Do you wonder about the orbs that show up in your pictures? Do you see things in the corner of your eye only to find they are gone when you turn to get a better look? Do you believe there are ghosts amongst us? If you do, you’re not alone! There are many people just like you and they seek out places thought to be haunted by people past. Much to the delight of ghost hunters and historians alike, we have two buildings thought to be haunted.

Want to learn more about our ghosts of Gettysburg? Come out and join our 90 minute nightly walking tour of either the Jennie Wade House or the Haunted Orphanage. We also hold special events throughout the year including Ghostly Evenings and Midnight in a Haunted House. Our tours showcase the local ghost stories and are dramatized with both sight and sound effects in a climate controlled environment. We’re the first to offer anything of its kind and we think they’re certainly worthy of exploration. We’re not the only ones…in the fall of September 2010, Ghost Adventures and Ghost Lab both featured our locations on their shows!

For the hard core ghost hunter in you, Gettysburg Bus Tours and Ghostly Images of Gettysburg have teamed up to offer paranormal investigations which include 2 hours in either the Jennie Wade House or the Haunted Orphanage. Bring your own equiptment and we will escort you in! We will be offering these investigations Sunday thru Friday through March 2011. Reservations need to be made in one month in advance by calling 800 447 8788 or emailing Max at

This month we’ll be holding several special walks including a Valentine’s Day Ghost tour, A President’s tour, and the Kick the Winter Blues tour. You can learn more about all our ghostly tours on our Ghostly Images of Gettysburg page. Tickets sell out quick so purchase them today and experience it for yourself. Then, get involved and share your findings with us on our facebook page. Want an easy way to stay in the loop with our schedule? Follow us on Twitter. We look forward to seeing you!

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  1. Ray Hinchey says:

    Have been living in Gettysburg since 1998, but have never been on a Ghost Tour. Your organization has a reputation for putting out a very high quality product in a variety of venues. Maybe it’s time I actually experience one !

  2. Dianne says:

    I visited both the Jennie Wade House and the Haunted Orphanage. Caught stuff in both places. Very intesting. Will def be making the trip for the paranormal investigations. Thanks for offering this INCREDIBLE upcomoing experince.

  3. Harvey says:

    Awesome I really don’t care about things like this but it made me believe I love a scary ghost story at night hahahahahahahahahahaha

  4. melise McDaniel says:

    How can I talk to you on the phone about battlefield tours?

    • bonnie says:

      We are open 8 AM – 5 PM. You can call our toll free # (877) 680-8687 or questions can be directed to

  5. raul hernandez says:

    I want to do with you a real ghost tour around gettysbyurg please end me info and costs regards..Raul

    • bonnie says:

      Information has been sent.

  6. raul hernandez says:

    I want to do a real ghost tour with you around gettysburg..please letr me know about costs and info about all tour includes thanks

    • bonnie says:

      Descriptions of tours that I know we will be having in 2016:

      A GHOSTLY ENCOUNTER (Since 2010)
      This tour has a unique twist – YOUR GUIDE IS A GHOST! In this presentation, your ghost guide will be telling their haunted tales just as they experienced them so many years ago. Travel into their Haunted Home where you may experience the same frightening encounters. This tour may be our scariest tour ever and may not be suited for young children or the faint at heart. Once again this year the cast of Ghost Guides has been expanded for the enjoyment of repeat visitors.
      E-mail: for schedule of characters.
      This tour joined our lineup in 2010 and became one of the most popular evening events in Gettysburg. Don’t wait until the last minute to purchase tickets or you may be left out in the dark.

      Zak Bagins of Ghost Adventures listed this building on his top 10 freakiest places in the USA.
      In 2011 this tour was expanded to include time on the first floor in the area that was the dining room. You still journey down the original wooden stairs to the dingy, dark dungeon where a cruel headmistress chained the children to the stone walls. On this tour you will hear stories of the other cruel treatments she inflicted on her charges, treatments that lead to the spirits lingering throughout the building today.
      As part of your adventure, your guide will take you on a short walk around the neighborhood. You will be treated to haunted tales of the Dobbin House on Steinwehr Avenue, the National Cemetery and The Hall of Presidents. The haunts behind the Orphanage are of special interest and will make you wonder if you wish to pass through the doors into the realm of the supernatural. Enter if you dare!

      THE JENNIE WADE TOUR (Since 2003)
      Included in this tour is a journey around the South side of town that traverses the area of East Cemetery Hill. You will stop for curious tales of ghostly soldiers, heartbroken women, Poltergeists and other assorted ghostly encounters.
      You will enter through the same door where a bullet passed on July 3, 1863 and killed Jennie Wade, making her the only civilian to die during the battle of Gettysburg. The ghostly tales of this house have been recorded in numerous books and holds the proud distinction of being on the Travel Channels list of haunted houses. In October 2008, it was featured on television’s Most Haunted and was singled out by the lead investigator as the MOST HAUNTED IN GETTYSBURG. You may also have seen the Jennie Wade House in segments on Ghost Adventures, Ghost Lab, Haunted History and recently GHOST HUNTERS.
      The stories alone are chilling enough but now through modern technology provided by Ghost Researchers, we have evidence that cold spots roam the stairs and rooms, chains swing freely for no reason, rocking chairs move when vacant. The voice of a small boy calls out “Play With Me” and a man calls from the cellar, “We’re down here”.
      So if you are dying to enter either of these haunted sites, we can accommodate you. Please bring your camera, the ghosts are photo friendly.
      For dates and times of these walking tours contact or for groups of 15 or more, contact Group Reservations at (717) 334-6020.
      The list of Ghostly Images scares and dares doesn’t end here! We have special frightseeing events that take place throughout the year so read on.

      GHOST BUS TOUR (Since 2003—updated in 2014)
      To add to this adventure and give our guests what they want in a tour we are adding an unexpected twist and scare to the traditional “BUS TOUR”. On this 1 hour 45 minute journey you will still depart the bus at the Sachs Bridge and at The Gettysburg College for tales of the unexplained. But be aware, there are strange encounters awaiting you as you journey the countryside. Who knows what awaits you in the darkness of the night! Will you survive? Will you make it to the end? Will you DARE TAKE THIS RIDE with the Ghostly Images?
      If you choose to join us make reservations early as this popular tour sells out in advance! (717) 334-6296.

      The above listed tours could see some changes as things are being finalized for the 2016 season. Updates and information can be obtained by visiting our website: or by calling (717) 334-6296.

      Tours begin for the season on March 18th, 2016. However, we do have a Combo Tour on Saturday Nights beginning January 16th – March 12th (weather permitting) at 7 PM.

      If I can be of further assistance, please let me know by emailing

  7. Paul Meehan says:

    Hi, i am looking for over night vigils on the Battlefield, where some of the most horrendous fights and loss of life took place, I appreciate the town of Gettysburg took a good beating and housed many of the dead and injured but i’d like to find a vigil that goes right into the lion’s den…Having watched many of the Gettysburg videos on Youtube and other’s experiences i’d like to hear the cannons fire and the muskets fire and feel the union and confederate soldiers presence , as a soldier myself and a Scotsman that visited Culloden battlefield, you just cannot experience anything as being right on the front line…Had a look at a few websites and they all look pretty similar….Do i have to do the Battlefield vigil on my own or is there any organised tours?

    • bonnie says:

      The Battlefield is open to the public from 6 AM – 10 PM (April 1-October 31) and 6 AM – 7 PM (November 1-March 31).
      There are no tours that I know of that do Ghost Tours on the Battlefield. You can visit the Battlefield during hours
      that it is open to the public. Further information on the Gettysburg National Military Park can be found

      I hope this helps.

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