The Hall Of Presidents

The Hall of Presidents & First Ladies closed its doors after nearly 60 years of continuous operation on November 27th 2016. An auction was held for its contents at the 1863 Inn of Gettysburg on January 24th, 2017. The wax figures were sold off, and you may be surprised where some have relocated to. Read the USA Today article about the auction.

Featuring the area’s only complete wax collection of American Presidents, as well as a beautiful gift shop.

It is incredible to be able to see our Presidents and hear the words attributed to them fill this stately hall, accompanied by stirring patriotic music. Get right up close to some of the most important men in the history of our nation and heed their words.

Behind the Presidents, beautiful murals depict the development of America, in a remarkable and comprehensive visual history. They are the work of Charles Morganthaler, one of America’s finest contemporary artists and the mastermind who performed the extensive restoration painting on the Cyclorama in the early 1960s.

Here, in one magnificent collection, is the history of America through the eyes of our Presidents. These men symbolize our nation; our forefathers entrusted this great country to their leadership. Listen as, in their own words, they tell “The Story of Your Land.”

This is your heritage. 

The Story of the Presidents.

The Story of America.