Hall of Presidents & First Ladies

In our wax museum you can find a life-like Abe Lincoln

The Hall of Presidents & First Ladies closed its doors after nearly 60 years of continuous operation on November 27th 2016. An auction was held for its contents at the 1863 Inn of Gettysburg on January 24th, 2017. The wax figures were sold off, and you may be surprised where some have relocated to. Read the USA Today article about the auction.

The Hall of Presidents and First Ladies features the area’s only complete wax collection of American Presidents and their first ladies, as well as a beautiful gift shop. The Hall of Presidents is located across the street from the Gettysburg Tour Center and next to the main entrance of the National Cemetery.

It is incredible to be able to see what our Presidents really looked like and to hear the words attributed to them as if the words came from the very lips of the figures themselves. Our wax museum of the nation’s former executives is complete with beautiful background murals showing the development of America, which are the work of Charles Morganthaler. Morganthaler is one of our country’s truly great contemporary artists and his art can also be seen on the Cylclorama, painted in the early 1960’s prior to its move from the 1913 building across the street, to the Mission 1966 Building on the battlefield.

Here is an esteemed museum, masterfully etched in wax, that personifies our nation’s past presidential figures. See our Commanders in Chief themselves telling their own stories in words and stirring music in this single collection. The men who symbolized our nation, in whose hands our forbearers entrusted their welfare, in their own words and speaking from their own lips tell:

“The Story of Your Land.” This is your heritage…The Story of the Presidents…as they might have told it… The Story of America.

The Hall Of First Ladies in our wax museumThe Hall of First Ladies presents authentic 1/3 size wax replicas of the First Ladies in their inaugural gowns. The famous Smithsonian Collection of dresses are portrayed on the petite sized first ladies, who have been created to depict the same hair style and divine look which they had displayed during the presidential inauguration.

The Hall of Presidents Exhibit copyrighted and patent pending 1956.

2016 Prices

  • Adults: $7.50
  • Children (ages 6-12): $3.50
  • 5 and under: Free
  • Parking including buses adjacent to museum.
  • Last day was November 27th, 2016.  It is now permanently closed.
  • Thank you everyone for your patronage over the years.
  • Auction scheduled for Saturday, January 14, 2017.  Updates will be posted as we receive them.  Auction Information

Hall of Presidents & First Ladies
789 Baltimore Street
Gettysburg, PA  17325
(717) 334-5717

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