Friday Fright Nights

Beginning June 1st, Friday will become a day to fear. With five compelling, chilling ghost tours, things could get very…veryscary. You won’t find tours like these anywhere else in Gettysburg!


Take a journey with Joe Svehla, author of the popular “Ghostly Images” book series, for a few of his favorite Ghost Stories.


Are these stories true or did your guide make them up?

Find out at the end of the tour. Can you get them all right?


Do wax figures freak you out? Our creepy caretaker is just dying to escort you through the “Hall of Presidents” IN THE DARK as he spins the Haunted History of our leaders. You’d best behave or he may just leave you in the cellar at the end of the tour.


Your “GHOST GUIDE” has returned from the dead to lead you back in time to their world. These Ghosts should not be taken lightly–they’re not in good spirits. In fact, they’re looking for victims to take with them at the end of the tour. Could you be the one?


The children in The Haunted Orphanage were not treated kindly by headmistress Rosa Carmichael! How will she treat you? Find out what lurks in the dark at Midnight! Most nights, Paranormal Investigators will be on hand in the cellar to try and communicate with the “Other Side.” Meanwhile, the spirits of the orphans are looking for someone to take them home… are you the one they’re waiting for?

This line up is a Friday Night exclusive—don’t hesitate! Make a reservation today: 717-334-1156 or !

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