Battlefield Bio: Alfonza Goins

This month, we’d like to introduce you to another friend of ours. He’s a more recent addition to our team of drivers, but he’s quickly shown his merit both on the road and off. Without further ado, here he is to introduce himself to you!

“My name is Alfonza Goins, I’m from Columbia, MD in Howard County, and I’m a part-time driver at Gettysburg Tours. I’ve worked for the company for approximately two years and I basically drive weekends.” Alfonza is a big fan of Civil War and World history, which is what drew him to Gettysburg Battlefield Tours in the first place. It turned out to be the perfect fit, and we’re awfully glad to have him!

We asked Alfonza what his favorite thing is about driving for Gettysburg. “I love interacting with the visitors to Gettysburg,” he told us. “Gettysburg is a great place to vacation or just to visit and shop.”

Take a bus tour with Alfonza! Schedule your tour today, or read more about our team!

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  1. Michele Goins says:

    That’s my pap (Alfronza)! He loves his job and comes home to tell us all about the people he’s met and the stories he heard from the battlefield guides. I’m proud of him! Love you, pap! :)

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