A Thirst For Life….Vol. III “Raising Your Spirits” by Joseph Svehla

Raising your spirits

At the east base of Culp’s Hill, is a battlefield landmark known as “Spangler’s Spring.”  During the battle, the area was occupied by both the Union Army (just South of the Spring) and the Confederates (one hundred yards to the North).  Legend has it that during  a lull in the fighting on the evening of the Second Day,  Yanks and Rebs called a truce and shared the cool spring water and their tales of war.  As dawn approached, they returned to their units and eventually continued to fight each other all over again.

During the summer months, the National Park Service allows re-enactors to set up camp in the area and educate the public with displays of army life.  During the Summer of 2007, a father from Texas had left his wife and daughter at their motel and ventured out to the area with his two young sons.  As the trio sat with other visitors listening to the presentation, the father began to get an occasional glimpse at two young Union soldiers in the area near the spring.  They seemed to be relaxing while enjoying the water and their conversation.  It was strange that the father kept losing sight of them for minutes at a time, only to spot them again back at the spring.

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