A Letter From the President of Gettysburg Tours Inc.

I would like to thank all of our hard working staff who have truly stepped up and helped to welcome thousands of visitors into Gettysburg with open arms. Our drivers, counter staff and administrative staff did whatever needed to be done so that the visitors had a great experience. The staff at the Gettysburg Tour Center, Hall of Presidents & First Ladies Museum, Jennie Wade House Museum, Soldiers National Museum and Ghostly Images of Gettysburg have done an outstanding job and I could not be prouder of your efforts.


Max T. Felty
President of Gettysburg Tours Inc.


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  1. Glenn Horkheimer says:

    A friend hired a guide to ride in their car and explain to them what they were seeing. I have been to Gettysburg many times as I used to be a guide for Tri State Tours out of Galena, IL. My wife has never been there and I want her to see all of it.
    Is it possible to hire a guide and what would be the cost.

    • bonnie says:

      Information on Guides for your car can be obtained at http://www.gettysburgfoundation.org or by calling (877) 874-2478. This is not something we do. We do two hour battlefield tours by bus.

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